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Attention Pasco and Hernando Providers!

Exciting news is coming regarding School Readiness Reimbursement Rates! New increased School Readiness Reimbursement Rates will be available on 7/1/24! These rate increases were a long time coming and are essential for supporting families and quality early education in our communities. Please see the links below to see the changes.

FY 2024-25 School Readiness (SR) Reimbursement Rates
Pasco FY24-25 Rates
Hernando FY24-25 Rates

Starting Friday, April 19th, ELCPH will begin the process of initiating SR Provider Contracts for the 2024-25 contract year. No action is required from providers at this moment.

However, if you have not completed the contract requirements for the 2024-25 contract year, including your Provider Profile and/or Cost of Care Survey, please ensure to do so by April 30, 2024. Contracts will only be initiated upon completion of these requirements.

Please note: There has been a change to SR Reimbursement Rates for out-of-county providers. For contracted providers in counties outside of the Pasco and Hernando coalition, the rates are based on the county where the provider is physically located.

Stay tuned for more details as these exciting rate increases roll out! Additional information will be available as we move forward.

We hope that these rate increases will serve as an added support to your families and programs, enabling you to continue delivering exceptional care and education to our children.

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