The best way to help a child achieve developmental milestones is to identify possible challenges and strategize with the child’s family and school early.

Developmental Screening

Our Developmental Services team, lead by Elisha Perry, reads and interprets all ASQ screening data. Children that score in a range that could benefit from services or referral will receive extra support from our team to include connecting with our partner at FDLRS (ages 3-5) and Early Steps services (0-3). The Coalition has an Inclusion Department that deploys Inclusion Specialists into the field to support providers and families through screening and identification. Tools used to identify developmental challenges are the ASQ-3 and ASQSE2 screenings. The purpose of these screenings is to ensure a child’s developmental progress will be tracked and when necessary proper follow-up will be offered.

To reach an Inclusion Specialist, you may call 727-233-8291 ext. 810 or email to

No child should ever be asked to leave or be expelled from a child care program without the provider first contacting the Coalition for assistance. Every program is not right for every child; however, providers have an obligation to work with parents, access resources available in the community and do all they can to meet each child’s needs.

Inclusion Services

The purpose of the Inclusion Department is to provide assistance and consultation to child care providers for the purpose of including every child, regardless of ability, in the opportunity to participate fully in a broad range of activities offered in the early learning environment so as to prepare them to enter and succeed in school.

Our Developmental Services Team is here to help!

PARENTS: Contact our Warm Line at or by calling 727-233-8291 ext. 810.

You may also complete a free developmental screening on your child using the Brookes ASQ-3 Screener.

Click the link to access: (Family Access Link) PROVIDERS: Please follow the directions listed below. You may also contact our Warm Line at or by calling 727-233-8291 ext. 810.

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