Early Learning Coalition of Pasco and Hernando Counties.
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PASCO COUNTY, Fla. – The Early Learning Coalition (ELC) of Pasco and Hernando, which oversees the School Readiness and Voluntary Pre-kindergarten programs in Pasco and Hernando counties, is partnering with MarcoPolo Learning. This partnership will elevate the educational experience in select child care centers within the ELC’s network, promote family engagement, and impact teacher performance in all CLASS™ domains.

MarcoPolo Learning is the leading global developer of award-winning educational content and digital platforms for schools and homes. MarcoPolo’s English, Spanish and modified video library consists of more than 1,200 proprietary, developmentally appropriate learning videos and resources that align with the curriculum taught in the classroom.

MarcoPolo For Educators addresses early educators’ growing demand for high-quality digital content. Educators can easily access guides, visuals, activity ideas, family engagement suggestions and printable, offline activities to provide emotional support, classroom organization and instructional support, all of which enhance teacher-child interactions, an essential component of the CLASS™ framework.

MarcoPolo for Educators is designed to put children’s interests and motivations first. Modified videos provide opportunities for educators to scaffold instruction for children of different abilities on either end of the development spectrum. Additionally, the technology promotes the school-to-home connection so families can extend learning at home.

“By partnering with MarcoPolo Learning, we’re giving our child care businesses innovative ways to support teaching practices and connect families with high-quality educational tools so they can support learning at home,” said Dr. Steve Knobl, Executive Director of the ELC of Pasco and Hernando.

“We built MarcoPolo for Educators to respond to the growing capabilities of the 21st century classroom. We are thrilled to partner with the Early Learning Coalition of Pasco and Hernando to provide innovative ways to elevate instruction and to engage families in ways not previously possible,” said Justin Hsu, CEO and Founder of MarcoPolo Learning.

This partnership is sponsored by the ELC of Pasco and Hernando, as well as the State of Florida, Division of Early Learning.

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