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LENA Grow is a job-embedded professional development program designed to measure and improve the quality of interactions in early childhood programs.  Time is a precious resource, especially for teachers and the LENA Grow model recognizes that. Rather than put an extra burden on teachers, the program simply asks them to carry on with their normal daily routines and to participate in brief coaching sessions, which can be delivered virtually or in person. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Gina Kollar, Infant and Toddler Training Specialist at 727-233-8291 ext. 126 or at

How can you support early brain development?

  • Research shows young children need to hear about 21,000 words per day in order to reach optimal develop their verbal communication skills.
  • 20% of children in child care settings experience “language isolation” on a daily basis. This means they receive fewer than 5 conversational turns (typically less than 200 words) per hour while in care.
  • Children between 18-24 months experience the fewest amount of conversational turns (the age range when language environments are the most predictive of long-term outcomes.
  • Improving early talk environments is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve children’s futures. Every increase of two conversational turns per hour has a statistically significant impact and is associated with a one-point increase in Full-Scale IQ 10 years down the line.


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